Goddess Braid Magic is how I honor braiding hair, as a sacred art form. I believe our hair holds the energy of our ancestral roots, the pain of our struggles, and the power of our potential.

I provide high end braiding services that weave an empowering prayer into the crowns of my Clients. A personalized sacred hair care experience for box braids and natural hair, tailored to your hair goals to inspire the emotional prosperity of your natural and essential beauty.

Trust that you’ve arrived here on purpose with purpose. I am honored to be of service to your hair goals. May your crown always remain protected, adorned and blessed

- 'Arah


Natural Beauty Rituals is a luxury line of all-natural essentials for your braids and your Aura Beauty.

Experience this private line at your next appointment and shop our exclusive products and accessories. Restock on braid magic rituals and natural beauty aura's for your sacred well care rituals and intention setting. Choose from our menu and order your potent luxury ritual products that strengthen your kinetic frequency to increase your magnetizing power.



Release, Reclaim & Rejoice

A night to remember! Goddess Braid Magic is our ministry our divine, sacred service and as we weave an empowering prayer into the crowns of our clients.


Los Angeles, Ca

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