"I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But, I made it" - SArah Breedlove aka Madam CJ Walker

Goddess Braid Magic revolutionizes the hair braiding experience and Natural Hair & Beauty Industry. The mental status and well being of black women has been a National Emergency and we rise as the altar to meet her at her worth. We serve as the arms of grace for a deserving community of women who have been oppressed and shamed by their natural hair and identity over generations. 

In 2020 when Breyonna Taylor was killed and no justice was served we took it seriously and decided to respond with activism through our business and completely change the hair braiding game and activate change in the community. Our divine service principles initiate a new standard for black women through our business by delivering a high level service; we restore the crowns of Queens. By strengthening her connection to her hair and educating her on how to devote intentional care to herself through the art natural hair care, she discovers her true potential and finds emotional prosperity. 

In addition to providing a luxurious braiding experience as a sacred art form; we have created Natural Beauty Rituals™ The world's most sustainable beauty products which serve as a breathing hair treatment for natural hair that pours life back into the crowns of our queens. We celebrate 17 years in the Natural Hair and Braiding Industry. Through our expertise and experience we deliver a patented product technology with our divine service that reaches our clients at a soul and cellular level. We educate our clients on how to regulate their Natural Hair PH balance to maintain healthy hydration which based on our extensive research, testing and knowledge; is essential for optimal function of the brain and restores DNA. 

Goddess Braid Magic is about the evolution of self adornment and when you book a braiding service, you are investing in your essential beauty and transformational wellness. Our clients are having transformative experiences and cosmic beauty identity shifts; check out a list of services and book your next appointment with a Braid Goddess!



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