Goddess Braid Magic Rituals

Goddess Braid Magic Rituals

Gypsy Water: Natural Hair Growth Elixir for all natural hair types! 

Curated with the best premium grade of essential oils that merge into the hair shaft gracefully. With Alkaline hydrated lavender & rose water these oils are blended with 3 premium grade natural oils to stimiluate healthy hair regrowth. Sunflower, Jojoba & Jamaican Black Castor Oils. 


Guardian Angel Hydration: Natural Hair Restoration Elilxir for all natural hair types! Curated with the most heavenly grades of essential oils and exotic florals to bring you to a state of majesty. Hydrate your hair daily with an alkaline based hydration, saturated in soft lavener pedals & premium grade exotic florals that carry symphonies of prayers into your scalp to restore your natural hair roots to assist the Gypsy Water to awaken your poures and carry all of the essential magic to grow your hair stronger, thicker and healthier! 


This DUO is an essential that I use for each service as a deep hydration treatment ritual to provide each client with the intentional compassion her hair needs. Sold as a set for $111 or Individually for $77 Each. 


Highly recommeded to create a daily ritual for your braids and your natural hair growth and restoration. 


Take the journey with your hair! 



  • Special Care Instructions

    Keep products in a cool enviornment free of direct heat. Shake well to emulsify before each use and lightly press triggers to spray.



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